Inspired by the tradition of the Norens and painted rolls in the "yamato-e" style of 12th century Japan which show interiors partitioned by framed curtains, these decorative textile screens "dress" a room by defining its ambiance and space.

In creating these hangings, I most often choose silk - a venerable and living material "par excellence", whose elegance and flow are unequalled.
The luminosity and softness of silk bring a touch of sensuality and calm to your universe. It provides you with true relaxation, rest and well-being.

Under the rubric "Gallery", you will find examples of these hangings in use which will help you to visualize a good placement of them in your surroundings and you will discover that they can be beautifully pleasing, even in a small room.

Occassionally, I create much larger curtains, but only on a "made to measure" basis for aesthetic reasons, keeping in harmony with a particular space.

You can also find numerous texts on techniques for utilisation, advice for care, feng shui, etc...

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BBR 96
178 cm x 115 cm

Cotton, Silk, Tulle
Ink, embroidery
price : 1250,00 €
194 cm x 107 cm

Rustic Silk
price : 750,00 €
Arbre aux Souhaits
170 cm x 100 cm
Silk, Tulle
Chalk, Ink
price : 540,00 €

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