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The studios of Art & Tissages are happy to invite and meet enterprising and talented people - those who venture off the beaten track.

In first place, textile artists and artisans in every field: Planting, spinning, weaving & dying, printing, knitting, creating...
But also visual artists
Colour artists

The list is endless !!!

Bijoux de Creuse
In memory of Waël, the link with his site and the text at the opening.

"Waël is my precious half, companion for life and work.

He is almost completely self-taught and has chosen to become a creator of jewelry and other objects, in silver and fine and semi-precious
stones, after having spent a good deal of time negotiating for stones.

With our place in la Creuse and in the presence of its wild nature and numerous vigorous trees, the different essences of wood found here have become a part of his resources for materials as well as materials collected elsewhere by his friends who travel.

I invite you to visit his creations and his favorite pieces from nature which surround us on his site."

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Midian spin the wool, dye and knit.

She also spin her cats and dog's hair.

She offers a wide range of colours and texture for fiber, and soon, other creations.

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I work on a “Haute lisse” – that means a standing-up weaving machine - with classical gobelin-technique, but I use other techniques as well like relief- or other methods.
Forming the rhythm of different colours, shades and forms is fascinating. Rhythm (just like fibre) is there in all forms of life and connects them with the Universe.

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Les Laines du Mouchon
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Séverine Cadier has worked in ceramics since 1991. Through her work, she makes us rediscover the seeds of our world, in larger than life reproductions. Her approach equally asks that we reflect upon our ambiguous relation to nature.
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Le Philistin
"Le Philistin", created by a french couple, is a fair trade enterprise. It is also a support for the palistinian artisans.

You will find products from Palestine, such as olive oil, wood objects, ceramics... And a lot of others products.
Jean-Marie, who visits us regularly, constantly searchs for setting up steady relations with artisans, there, artisans who often are in a serious economical state, due to the political situation.

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Artifilum est une boutique pour l’artisanat textile.

Annika et Patris Marie Saint-Germain ont fondé leur entreprise familiale au pied des hautes-vosges

Cette boutique propose aussi bien le matériel que les fibres en soie, coon, laine, pour tisser, filer, faire la dentelle

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Félis, Beer of Creuse
Si you like Creuse and beer, and if you don't know yet Félis, you should try it, you'll love it !!
The reknown quality of the water of Felltin is the first element that gives this beer all its quality, then comes the quality of the other products, and of course, the know-how, love and care that Alessio puts in making it.
You'll find it in some stores around Felltin and Aubusson, and it is sold on the market of Aubusson on saturdays, and on that of Felletin on fridays.
Felis exists in blond, amber and brown.
Cheers !!

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  Invite yourselves...

To artists, artisans, gallerists :

If you have been inspired by this site and you feel a certain affinity with what has been offered...
If you feel that your art or work could have its place here, don't hesitate - invite yourself...

We are always open to collaboration in collective works or productions.
So, don't hesitate to contact us to take part in any propositions.

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