In the "Land of the Rising Sun", the "Noren" is used to separate one room from another, or simply, to the entrance to a large room, usually a restaurant, suspended from the upper part of the doorway.

They can be of different lengths : falling to the knees, the chest or above the head. They are usually made of cotton.

My choice is usually silk, for its brillance, softness, its rich look and its incomparable fluidity.

On this page you will find long or mid-length curtains. Short noren are presented separately on the page "Door Hangings or Short Noren".

They are painted both sides and are beautiful whether seen from one room or the other.

All of our noren have hems for a rod of wood or bamboo, in order to affix the noren.

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108 cm x 65 cm

Silk raw & rustic
Ink, dyeing, chalk
price : 145,00 €

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