Silk Scarves

Presentation of Scarves

The largest sizes can be used as pareos, as material in metres or as decorative material for the home.

On the body, large scarves or shawls can be sensually worn with parts of the body exposed; for example as evening wear or at the beach.
Their soft touch and delicate hand-painting give them the perfect "air" as evening wear.

The very lighest silks move with the air. They are transparent and allow the skin to be slightly visible. One can wear them knotted or belted.

Even the finest silk has an amazing thermo-adaptability.

It provides some protection from the sun, cools the body in warm temperatures and warms the body in cool temperatures.

On the "archives section" you can discover other scarves wich have been sold and you can be inspired for an order specialy for you.

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price : 79,00 €
Zébrage sur organza
150 cm x 60 cm
Organza hand painted
price : 65,00 €
Silk Scarf
185 cm x 89 cm

price : 165,00 €
Silk Scarf
185 cm x 90 cm

price : 165,00 €
Silk Scarf
185 cm X 89 cm

Hand-mainted silk
price : 145,00 €

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